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If you want a reliable RV GPS, buy a Garmin model

Posted by Tutie on

Decking up your RV for a great vacation? Don’t forget that driving an RV without a good GPS is like looking for a house in a city with no map. Your search for a versatile RV GPS stops at Garmin GPSs since this brand has been leading the RV GPS market for many years. I will list down all the advantages and features for your assistance, which made me buy the Garmin RV GPS.

The Garmin models are manufactured to give you the easy to read and follow instructions. They come with a clear and big screen up to 7″ in size which is quite an easy display to keep an eye on the routes and destination. The voice-activated navigation is the best and most friendly that I have ever listened to.

Garmin understands your need to move far and away and end up at the right place where you can get your peace of mind. So, it offers customized RV routing for all US states and Canada as well. Spread your wings and fly away to the coolest locations and wildest places with an assurance to come back refreshed.

When you are driving a huge RV your worst worry is about getting the right parking space and other RV specific services. Garmin comes with an inbuilt RV Parks & Services directory pan-America. Wherever you are, whatever you do, help will never be away.

I, as a frequent RV traveller, am very meticulous when it comes to pre-trip planning and understanding the routes I am going to take. My Garmin RV GPS helps me exactly here as I can plan and mark down the smallest details of my trip as well share it with my friends travelling along with.

I also appreciate the fact that I am updated with the traffic conditions ahead on my route. I hardly remember any trip where I got stuck in city traffic, ever since I have fitted my Garmin RV GPS. I don’t have to pay for the map updates since it is included in the cost of this great trip assistant. I get a lifetime updates for all the maps I need.

My GPS is flawlessly compatible with my wireless backup camera that is actually a blessing. I can do all the backward driving and parking with ease and that too without anyone to guide me standing behind my big RV.

Most of the Garmin models have the capability to identify landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights while refreshing the routes as you are driving through a terrain. So, get an apt model from an array of Garmin RV GPSs, suiting your need and pocket and drive away to some of the exciting moments of life.


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Types of yogurt from around the world

Posted by Tutie on


Yogurts are easy carbs and a great stomach filler in emergencies. They are also very multipurpose. They can serve as a dessert or even a drink and are used as an essential ingredient in myriad of dishes. Their usefulness is the reason why they are extremely popular all around the world. With a slight change in form and taste, yogurt is hugely utilized in all cultures. Just below you will find a list of several variants of yogurts that are consumed in different countries of the world.

  • In India as lassi, chhachh, matha and curd – Lassi is a popular sweet cold drink in Asian countries, especially in India, Pakistan and Nepal, made by churning together yogurt, ice and sugar. The curd is simply the yogurt that is eaten solely with the main course and sometimes sweetened to fit as a desert. Matha is salted yogurt drink which is actually the leftover yogurt after ghee and butter are extracted from it. It is a great digestive drink.
  • In Bulgaria as tarator – It is a cold soup made up of cucumber, garlic, dill, and sunflower oil added to yogurt.
  • In Japan as yakult – This world popular drink is a special bacterial (lactobacillus cesei shirota) yogurt that is very advantageous to human digestive system. The skimmed milk when added with the strands of this bacteria and sugar becomes the tasty yakult.
  • In Turkey as Ayran – Ayran is simply the yogurt diluted in water with some added salt or sugar that is a national drink in Turkey. Ayran has a lower shelf-life than other fermented milk products.
  • In Greece, Greek yogurt – Another popular yogurt type which is famous for its nutritional values. Greek yogurt is very rich in nutrition and protein with very low sugar making it highly recommended for weight loss. Greek yogurts are actually processed yogurts which are strained making all the whey components and some lactose drain away leaving behind an awfully tasty and healthy yogurt with very low fat.
  • In Africa as Amasi – Amasi is the yogurt made by clabbering raw milk in a container made from hide called calabash. It is a mild and cheesy flavored yogurt and is very popular among Africans.


So liked these? Try tasting them if they are available at shops and supermarkets in your area. You can also try making them on your own. Internet is full of their recipes, just try to browse!!

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How to buy a good carpet sweeper?

Posted by Tutie on

Carpets are an integral part of the interior decor adding luxury and style to your home. They are also the ones  rarely washed. So, they keep getting loaded with dust and debris for days and therefore slowly become home for invisible germs and allergens. We keep walking on them again and again, the dirt and germs get buried deeper and deeper day by day. Now, do I still need to explain why you require a thorough cleaning of your carpets every day?

The vacuum cleaner you generally use to clean your carpet is designed to clean hard floors. The carpets are made up of fibres, the vacuums fail to extract the minute dirt that gets trapped inside the thin fibres.

This makes the place of a carpet sweeper even more important in your army of cleaners.

I am sure that you realize the importance of this small gadget and have finally reached the decision of buying the best carpet sweeper for your home. Do read down all the points to remember while purchasing it.

Decide the model type first; whether you’d like a corded sweeper or a cordless one, depending on the kind of cleaning you generally do.


Go for the unit that promises high terms of runtime  (if cordless) and simplicity of operating it .



This is important as cleaning is an everyday chore and if the machine is not convenient, it might irritate you after some days.

Look for a compact design and lightweight unit, so that it is easy to lift, carry and store.

If convenience is your first priority, it is advised to choose a cordless sweeper. As they do not get entangled with wires, they offer free and comfortable movement.



When buying a carpet sweeper compare the power and capacity of various models together. The one with standard power motor will give deeper and thorough cleaning.

Also make sure that the dirt container is of substantial capacity and easy to empty.

Using all these tips and instructions, you can prudently make a perfect choice now, and get yourself equipped with a decent carpet sweeper.

Stay clean, Stay happy!



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Buying a weather radio is a smart investment

Posted by Tutie on


In our routine life, we measure every transaction around the profit that we can make. But, some things are above the monetary profit we expect to make. When it comes to the question of life and death due to rough and unfavourable weather conditions, anything that saves a life is worth any price.

Early humans had to put up with all  kind of weather phenomena and since no predictions were possible, they had to depend on upon the mercy of nature. But, with time man learned to understand the transition in the weather to predict it and protect against from the hardships due to unexpected weather.

In the current age of technology, we get weather reports from various sources to plan our life and work. One such gadget is a weather radio. I recommend the presence of weather radio in every home. It is a smart investment in the genre of other smart appliances and devices due to these following reasons

Weather prediction

Almost all weather radios predict correct weather reports and alerts. Time can be saved smartly if we can do everything according to predefined schedule.  With accurate weather reports a weather radio allows one to plan his routine activities so that unforeseen conditions does not play havoc with the crucial activities like an important meeting, an urgent product delivery or a fortnightly review of the business.


Smart gadget

The newer and more advanced weather radios are far better than their earlier counterparts. You get a number of options to choose from so that you are alerted about the danger only when actually there is one. By programming it according to your need you can get the most crucial danger signals depending upon the place of your actual location. You will never get any false alarm.

Great travelling and vacation partner

If you are a frequent traveller, going for the best weather radio is a must have a gadget in your travel kit. It becomes absolutely necessary if you are an adventurer or camper by choice. You can expect any kind of weather while hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, boating or hunting. How good it would be if you could listen to the latest update on weather and then begin your adventure. It is better to be prepared than repent later.


A help getter

A weather radio not only predicts for weather  but also lets you get the help when you need it the most. Most of the weather radios have an array of beacons to let others know what kind of danger you are in. Some of them have built-in flashlight to tackle night or darkness. You can also send signals to your companions in case you lose directions . The battery of a weather radio makes it work in power outages and no charging facilities.

On a whole keeping, a weather radio at home or in your vehicle is a good investment in the long run that saves your life.