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How to buy a good carpet sweeper?

Posted by Tutie on

Carpets are an integral part of the interior decor adding luxury and style to your home. They are also the ones  rarely washed. So, they keep getting loaded with dust and debris for days and therefore slowly become home for invisible germs and allergens. We keep walking on them again and again, the dirt and germs get buried deeper and deeper day by day. Now, do I still need to explain why you require a thorough cleaning of your carpets every day?

The vacuum cleaner you generally use to clean your carpet is designed to clean hard floors. The carpets are made up of fibres, the vacuums fail to extract the minute dirt that gets trapped inside the thin fibres.

This makes the place of a carpet sweeper even more important in your army of cleaners.

I am sure that you realize the importance of this small gadget and have finally reached the decision of buying the best carpet sweeper for your home. Do read down all the points to remember while purchasing it.

Decide the model type first; whether you’d like a corded sweeper or a cordless one, depending on the kind of cleaning you generally do.


Go for the unit that promises high terms of runtime  (if cordless) and simplicity of operating it .



This is important as cleaning is an everyday chore and if the machine is not convenient, it might irritate you after some days.

Look for a compact design and lightweight unit, so that it is easy to lift, carry and store.

If convenience is your first priority, it is advised to choose a cordless sweeper. As they do not get entangled with wires, they offer free and comfortable movement.



When buying a carpet sweeper compare the power and capacity of various models together. The one with standard power motor will give deeper and thorough cleaning.

Also make sure that the dirt container is of substantial capacity and easy to empty.

Using all these tips and instructions, you can prudently make a perfect choice now, and get yourself equipped with a decent carpet sweeper.

Stay clean, Stay happy!