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If you want a reliable RV GPS, buy a Garmin model

Posted by Tutie on

Decking up your RV for a great vacation? Don’t forget that driving an RV without a good GPS is like looking for a house in a city with no map. Your search for a versatile RV GPS stops at Garmin GPSs since this brand has been leading the RV GPS market for many years. I will list down all the advantages and features for your assistance, which made me buy the Garmin RV GPS.

The Garmin models are manufactured to give you the easy to read and follow instructions. They come with a clear and big screen up to 7″ in size which is quite an easy display to keep an eye on the routes and destination. The voice-activated navigation is the best and most friendly that I have ever listened to.

Garmin understands your need to move far and away and end up at the right place where you can get your peace of mind. So, it offers customized RV routing for all US states and Canada as well. Spread your wings and fly away to the coolest locations and wildest places with an assurance to come back refreshed.

When you are driving a huge RV your worst worry is about getting the right parking space and other RV specific services. Garmin comes with an inbuilt RV Parks & Services directory pan-America. Wherever you are, whatever you do, help will never be away.

I, as a frequent RV traveller, am very meticulous when it comes to pre-trip planning and understanding the routes I am going to take. My Garmin RV GPS helps me exactly here as I can plan and mark down the smallest details of my trip as well share it with my friends travelling along with.

I also appreciate the fact that I am updated with the traffic conditions ahead on my route. I hardly remember any trip where I got stuck in city traffic, ever since I have fitted my Garmin RV GPS. I don’t have to pay for the map updates since it is included in the cost of this great trip assistant. I get a lifetime updates for all the maps I need.

My GPS is flawlessly compatible with my wireless backup camera that is actually a blessing. I can do all the backward driving and parking with ease and that too without anyone to guide me standing behind my big RV.

Most of the Garmin models have the capability to identify landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights while refreshing the routes as you are driving through a terrain. So, get an apt model from an array of Garmin RV GPSs, suiting your need and pocket and drive away to some of the exciting moments of life.