How to avoid speed traps

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Last week I was travelling with my family for a long weekend trip to the lake. On the way, the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and I was lost in the view. Although I don’t belong to the category of rash drivers but, I do love driving fast. I didn’t realize when I pressed the accelerator and I crossed the speed limit. As I took a turn around I heard the beep of the traffic cops just behind my vehicle . I just visualised a traffic ticket which became a reality in no time.

Cursing myself for this absentmindedness, I was getting a good reprimand from my wife too.  I immediately made up my mind to buy a radar detector. Yes, you have heard it right. Yes, again, it’s legal to use a radar detector in my state. Not because I am a habitual rash driver. But yes if once in while I do have a heavy foot, I should know where I am going wrong before the forgetfulness causes a weight reduction of my wallet.



I heard about this device from a cousin of mine, who have been using a radar detector for many years now. The best advantage that appealed to me is its range and ability to detect the traffic radar signals. A driver knows about half a mile earlier that a speed trap has been approaching and slows down to save that hard earned money from landing in the federal pocket.

Most of the radar detectors that are available today read a whole range of frequencies so that you never miss the presence of even a single traffic trap. Moreover getting a traffic ticket can be quite a waste of time. You have to spend a lot of time in fighting the ticket and getting back your driving licence. And if the offence is repeated you may end up in cancellation of your driving licence. It can put you in a fix and you would definitely like to avoid it at any cost.

I will buy the best radar detector at the earliest, It does not mean that I will earn the right to break the traffic rules. I will obey them as honestly I have been doing. I don’t plan to use this gadget during my routine driving since I travel through a heavy traffic each day to my workplace, that automatically slows me down. This is just for those long weekend drives when I don’t want to ruin my weekdays fighting for the Traffic ticket.  I want my driving record clean from any violations.