The Best Fishing Gear for Largemouth Bass

Posted by Tutie on

Every angler has a different style when it comes to fishing. Each angler may have his own choice of the angler when going to catch a largemouth bass. I must admit that catching a largemouth bass has always been a fascination for me. I always try to plan in advance so that I get enough time to prepare for the catch. Largemouth bass is not an easy fish to catch, as they are very aggressive. You have to use a variety of techniques to catch it.

When I make up my mind to go for fishing, my first step is to acquire a boat. I always ensure the boat is able to hold all the necessary equipment that I am going to carry along for fishing. The size of the boat is determined by the size of the lake in which I am planning to go for fishing. If I am going to a big lake for fishing, then I opt for a 100+ horsepower boat.

The fishing rod should be heavy.  I always recommend going with a large and heavy rod. For catching bigger fish, you need to use heavy rods. I use a 30lb braid along with a 20lb leader. For small fishes, I prefer using a 6lb test. I am a big fan of Daiwa products as they are really strong and smooth to use. So, I recommend using a “Daiwa Steez Bait Casting Rod” along with a “Steez Bait Casting Reel.  A spinning gear is very important accessory and I always use the best brands.

I prefer plastic worms for catching largemouth bass. They are considered to be one of the oldest lures for catching bass. Berkeley offers 7 inch plastic worms and plastic lizards that are really good. I like taking purple color worm lure. The advantage of using plastic worm is that the largemouth bass always likes it and the fish will hold on to it.


Spinner baits are the easiest lures for catching bass. Its unique design can easily attract bass towards it. I use “Magic Spinner Bait” and it is available in 11 different colors. Though they don’t look very natural, largemouth bass will surely nail them. I sometime use live fish bait also as largemouth bass loves to grab live baits. When compared to artificial bait, live bait will be more attractive in water and can easily attract largemouth bass towards it.

Once my equipment is ready, I get ready to go for fishing. The perfect time to go fishing to catch largemouth bass is early in the morning when there is less wind.