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Why people with diabetes have to take care of their feet

Posted by Tutie on


Poor diet choices, poverty, and stress represent the main factors that led to an explosion of people who suffer from diabetes in the past few decades. According to the American Diabetes Association, there were over 30 million Americans with diabetes or roughly 9.5% of the population.

Out of these, only 1.25 million people, both children and adults, have type 1 diabetes, the one that usually requires insulin and is not caused by poor dietary choices. And, with over 60% of the total American population being obese or overweight, there are few chances for the number of diabetics to lower in the following years.

Living with diabetes is not easy at all as it requires numerous sacrifices and constantly watching your diet. Unfortunately, some of the diabetes side effects also include a weak immune system, eye problems, and sensitive skin. Because of the weak immune system and the poor blood flow, people with diabetes may also experience health issues with their feet.


What are the main dangers for feet when you have diabetes?

Diabetes is known for reducing blood flow to the feet, making them harder to heal and fight against infections. Even minor injuries such as scratches and small cuts may take longer than normal to heal, and the risk of infection is increased.

This is why people with this condition should be extra cautious and stay away from dangerous situations. And, since diabetes doesn’t have a cure yet either, it is even more important to look after your body properly. Here are some aspects you can improve in order to stay away from infections and health problems.



Wash your feet daily using a soft soap and mild water. You should avoid using harsh chemicals and strong skin scrubs as these could cause adverse reactions to your sensitive skin.

You should use moisturizing lotions and butter to keep your skin soft and help it heal faster. Aloe vera, chamomile, and vitamin E are just some of the ingredients that will look after your skin, leaving it soft, glowing, and fully regenerated.

When it comes to shoes, we advise that you wear socks all the time, even when it’s hot outside. Friction and sweat don’t go well together and might lead to bacterial infections or open wounds that will take months to heal. Wear comfortable shoes that fit properly and provide enough room for your toes to breathe properly.



Protect your feet from fungus and bacteria by never walking barefoot indoors or outside. You should also have someone specialized looking after your pedicure. Don’t try to cut your own calluses or corns using sharp razor blades as this could easily lead to bleeding and infection.

Instead, consider the benefits of a foot spa massager. This device will help your feet relax and look after them properly after a long day at work. Using lukewarm water and a few drops of essential oils, a foot bath can really do wonders, especially for those who suffer from diabetes.



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The Advantages of Using a Truck Tent

Posted by Tutie on

Truck tents are for people like me who do not like to sleep on the ground with the fear of being bitten by bugs. Till the day I get rich enough to afford an RV, I will continue using my truck tent as it allows me to sleep at least 2 to 3 feet above the ground.

So, what are the advantages of having a truck tent? When you are a serious traveler like me, you may have to spend the night outdoors. It is always better to sleep in a protected area rather than sleeping outdoors with no protection at all. The main advantage of a truck tent, according to me, is that it allows you to turn your vehicles into a bed where you can sleep and spend the night comfortably.

Almost all the truck tents are designed in such a way that they allow 2 -3 people to sleep comfortably. You don’t have to worry about heavy rainstorms that may occur at any time during the night when staying in the comfort of your truck tent. A truck tent is made up of polyester and cotton material with water resistant coating. It also has UV protection coating that helps in protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun if you are taking a break in the afternoon. The floods cannot disturb your sleep as you are 3-4 inches above the ground.

Another advantage of a truck tent is that it is easy to set up the truck tent. It hardly took me 5 to 10 minutes. You can dismantle the truck tent in the morning quite easily too. When you are travelling with your family, a truck tent provides more privacy. You can split the spacious tent into two with the help of a privacy wall. A spacious truck tent provides you with a dual mattress option that allows kids to sleep separately.

When you spend your night outdoors, most of the time, safety will be your prime concern. By having a truck tent, the advantage is you don’t have to worry about safety anymore. Most truck tents provide enough space to keep your luggage and belongings. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids also, as they will be sleeping safely besides you.

Truck tents are easy to carry and therefore you can carry it along anywhere while travelling. This is a huge advantage. It won’t occupy much space. By sleeping in a truck tent, you don’t have to worry about your truck too. No one will be ready to take the risk of stealing your truck away when you are sleeping right above it.

I definitely believe, the best truck bed tent is a must to have gadget for people who love camping outside when travelling. It is safe and comfortable, and you can buy a really good truck tent without spending too much from your pocket. I would recommend frequent travelers to buy a truck tent and make campaigning an everlasting experience.

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Drill press accessories every man should own

Posted by Tutie on

The best drill press is a multipurpose tool that will help you in almost all the possible chores you want to accomplish. But sometimes you might feel the need of some special accessories to be able to do those specific tasks that are not possible with the basic model of a drill press.

Drill press table

A Drill Press Table gives you a special surface to hold the work-piece so that you can manoeuvre the bit comfortably. If it has a scale it will let you have a better fence position. You will also be able to mount other accessories easily. It must have a good clamping area and a smooth surface to work on.


Mortising attachment

If you want to do mortising tasks for your woodwork assignments then you would need this accessory. With the help of this additional help, you can perform chiseling to get the required holes.


Drill press hold down

You definitely need some help to hold your bits while drilling and that will not be a person for sure. What you need is a nice drill press hold down that helps you to finish your work to perfection with  a smooth operation. It must be easy to fix and release.

Drill press fence

If you have to repeat the same drilling task for multiple pieces and you can compromise a bit on the precision you will love the help of a drill press fence. It gives you the right and comfortable adjustability with acceptable precision. Get a fence that can be easily assembled to be customised to your needs.


Drill press light

If the precision of drilling is what you need for your current assignment, then do get a drill press light. It will help you in having a closer look at the work under execution. A properly illuminated drill press will never let you go wrong.

Angle adjustment

To drill multiple holes at the same angle, you need an angle adjustment tool along with your drill press. The angle can be anything between 0 and 90 degrees.



Get different sized cutters to apply on different surfaces that you have to work on. There are different cutters for wood, metal and other materials.

You must own these basic accessories while working with a drill press. For safety and maintenance of your precious tools, you must get a robust and handy toolkit that protects them from rusting or breaking.



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The Best Fishing Gear for Largemouth Bass

Posted by Tutie on

Every angler has a different style when it comes to fishing. Each angler may have his own choice of the angler when going to catch a largemouth bass. I must admit that catching a largemouth bass has always been a fascination for me. I always try to plan in advance so that I get enough time to prepare for the catch. Largemouth bass is not an easy fish to catch, as they are very aggressive. You have to use a variety of techniques to catch it.

When I make up my mind to go for fishing, my first step is to acquire a boat. I always ensure the boat is able to hold all the necessary equipment that I am going to carry along for fishing. The size of the boat is determined by the size of the lake in which I am planning to go for fishing. If I am going to a big lake for fishing, then I opt for a 100+ horsepower boat.

The fishing rod should be heavy.  I always recommend going with a large and heavy rod. For catching bigger fish, you need to use heavy rods. I use a 30lb braid along with a 20lb leader. For small fishes, I prefer using a 6lb test. I am a big fan of Daiwa products as they are really strong and smooth to use. So, I recommend using a “Daiwa Steez Bait Casting Rod” along with a “Steez Bait Casting Reel.  A spinning gear is very important accessory and I always use the best brands.

I prefer plastic worms for catching largemouth bass. They are considered to be one of the oldest lures for catching bass. Berkeley offers 7 inch plastic worms and plastic lizards that are really good. I like taking purple color worm lure. The advantage of using plastic worm is that the largemouth bass always likes it and the fish will hold on to it.


Spinner baits are the easiest lures for catching bass. Its unique design can easily attract bass towards it. I use “Magic Spinner Bait” and it is available in 11 different colors. Though they don’t look very natural, largemouth bass will surely nail them. I sometime use live fish bait also as largemouth bass loves to grab live baits. When compared to artificial bait, live bait will be more attractive in water and can easily attract largemouth bass towards it.

Once my equipment is ready, I get ready to go for fishing. The perfect time to go fishing to catch largemouth bass is early in the morning when there is less wind.



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If you want a reliable RV GPS, buy a Garmin model

Posted by Tutie on

Decking up your RV for a great vacation? Don’t forget that driving an RV without a good GPS is like looking for a house in a city with no map. Your search for a versatile RV GPS stops at Garmin GPSs since this brand has been leading the RV GPS market for many years. I will list down all the advantages and features for your assistance, which made me buy the Garmin RV GPS.

The Garmin models are manufactured to give you the easy to read and follow instructions. They come with a clear and big screen up to 7″ in size which is quite an easy display to keep an eye on the routes and destination. The voice-activated navigation is the best and most friendly that I have ever listened to.

Garmin understands your need to move far and away and end up at the right place where you can get your peace of mind. So, it offers customized RV routing for all US states and Canada as well. Spread your wings and fly away to the coolest locations and wildest places with an assurance to come back refreshed.

When you are driving a huge RV your worst worry is about getting the right parking space and other RV specific services. Garmin comes with an inbuilt RV Parks & Services directory pan-America. Wherever you are, whatever you do, help will never be away.

I, as a frequent RV traveller, am very meticulous when it comes to pre-trip planning and understanding the routes I am going to take. My Garmin RV GPS helps me exactly here as I can plan and mark down the smallest details of my trip as well share it with my friends travelling along with.

I also appreciate the fact that I am updated with the traffic conditions ahead on my route. I hardly remember any trip where I got stuck in city traffic, ever since I have fitted my Garmin RV GPS. I don’t have to pay for the map updates since it is included in the cost of this great trip assistant. I get a lifetime updates for all the maps I need.

My GPS is flawlessly compatible with my wireless backup camera that is actually a blessing. I can do all the backward driving and parking with ease and that too without anyone to guide me standing behind my big RV.

Most of the Garmin models have the capability to identify landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights while refreshing the routes as you are driving through a terrain. So, get an apt model from an array of Garmin RV GPSs, suiting your need and pocket and drive away to some of the exciting moments of life.


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Buying a weather radio is a smart investment

Posted by Tutie on


In our routine life, we measure every transaction around the profit that we can make. But, some things are above the monetary profit we expect to make. When it comes to the question of life and death due to rough and unfavourable weather conditions, anything that saves a life is worth any price.

Early humans had to put up with all  kind of weather phenomena and since no predictions were possible, they had to depend on upon the mercy of nature. But, with time man learned to understand the transition in the weather to predict it and protect against from the hardships due to unexpected weather.

In the current age of technology, we get weather reports from various sources to plan our life and work. One such gadget is a weather radio. I recommend the presence of weather radio in every home. It is a smart investment in the genre of other smart appliances and devices due to these following reasons

Weather prediction

Almost all weather radios predict correct weather reports and alerts. Time can be saved smartly if we can do everything according to predefined schedule.  With accurate weather reports a weather radio allows one to plan his routine activities so that unforeseen conditions does not play havoc with the crucial activities like an important meeting, an urgent product delivery or a fortnightly review of the business.


Smart gadget

The newer and more advanced weather radios are far better than their earlier counterparts. You get a number of options to choose from so that you are alerted about the danger only when actually there is one. By programming it according to your need you can get the most crucial danger signals depending upon the place of your actual location. You will never get any false alarm.

Great travelling and vacation partner

If you are a frequent traveller, going for the best weather radio is a must have a gadget in your travel kit. It becomes absolutely necessary if you are an adventurer or camper by choice. You can expect any kind of weather while hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, boating or hunting. How good it would be if you could listen to the latest update on weather and then begin your adventure. It is better to be prepared than repent later.


A help getter

A weather radio not only predicts for weather  but also lets you get the help when you need it the most. Most of the weather radios have an array of beacons to let others know what kind of danger you are in. Some of them have built-in flashlight to tackle night or darkness. You can also send signals to your companions in case you lose directions . The battery of a weather radio makes it work in power outages and no charging facilities.

On a whole keeping, a weather radio at home or in your vehicle is a good investment in the long run that saves your life.