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What type of equipment do you need if you want to take up basketball?

Posted by Tutie on


Basketball is an intense sport that requires a lot of dedication and it demands a lot of your body. However, at the same time, it is super fun and rewarding and it can be a good workout. But like all the sports that require a lot of movements, and that is played in teams, you need the appropriate equipment.

That is in place in order to avoid all accidents, and so you and your team are safe at all times. Having the adequate gear is the best way to enjoy your game worry-free and without any distraction. Being safe will always make you more confident, thus it is a great adjuvant for a quick win.

This could sound like a no-brainer, but one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need, besides the ball, is the pair shoes you will be wearing.  They are not to be neglected because it is usually the element that differentiates a win from a loss.

Most importantly, when it comes to the right product for you, they need to be a good fit. If they are too tight, then your feet will hurt and that will prevent you from giving it your best. And if the opposite applies, then you’ll end up with your shoes flying off your feet. So it is important to find your ideal size. Also regarding basketball shoes, the materials they are made of should not be stiff and should allow you to flex your muscles naturally.

Another piece of equipment that is vital to your health, are the knee pads. One of the most frequent injuries related to this activity are ligament tears and joint injuries. And a well-made product will protect you at all costs when you fall. And that’s an excellent thing because those wounds hurt really bad, and what’s even worse, is that they take forever to heal.

As with the shoes, the perfect basketball knee pad has to be made to last a lot of accidents. Go for the ones that can be adjusted to your body type, and that will allow your joints to move freely and not to lock in the middle of the game. And of course, the ideal model has to be made of study materials.

Other pieces of equipment that should respect those general rules are the uniform and the mouthguard. Luckily for your budget, this is a minimalist sport when it comes to accessories. But the few ones that are mandatory have to be premium.

So if you’re planning to pick up this activity, now you know what to look for and what makes a good piece fit for this intense game. All you have to do is to find the right items that make you feel good in your skin, so you can win all your matches.


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The best ways of relaxing tired feet

Posted by Tutie on

The feet are the most underrated body parts of our body that need special care and treatment, just for the sake of the fact that they are the reason for our mobility. I will list down some easy tricks to relax your tired feet.

  • The most common reason of tired feet is continuous walking or long durations of sitting down at your desk. Both these make the blood run downwards making your feet tired and heavy. If you are too tired to use the below-mentioned techniques you can still relax your feet by a simple and easy method. Lie down in bed in such a way that your feet are raised above your head level by half a feet. You can use spare pillow to make this arrangement. You will get immediate relief and will fall asleep easily.
  • At the end of a long and tiring day, it is the feet that need the maximum pampering. You can do so by filling a tub of hot but tolerable water. Add a few rose petals, a few drops of your favourite essential oil and some rock salt. Grab a book and soak your feet in this concoction for 20-30 minutes. Wipe our feet clean and retire to bed to get a relaxing sleep.
  • If you find your feet tired and dirty after travelling or a work out, then the best combination is relaxation with cleansing. Put some warm water in a tub sufficient to dip feet up to ankles. Add a spoonful of shampoo, a spoonful of coconut oil and some rock salt. Mix well till you get the frothy mixtures. Keep your feet in this solution for 15-20 minutes. Gently rub your feet with a brush and remove the dead skin with a feet scrub. Wash feet with warm and clean water. After drying your feet with a clean towel massage in a foot moisturiser to get the clean and relaxed feet.
  • For those that live in a house and not a block of flats, there is another way of relaxing your feet. Take out some time to walk barefoot on the dewy grass early morning. You will have the easiest, economical and freshest way to relax your tired feet. This technique has the dual benefit of improving your eyesight as well.

These are the few ways that I find quite helpful in making my feet relax after any kind of hard day. I am sure you too will find these methods helpful and if you are interested which is the best foot bath you can check the articles we mentioned within this article.


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Why you should invest in a more expensive sump pump?

Posted by Tutie on

Most of us relate price of a product with its quality. Actually we should be focussing on the things that make a product expensive and whether the features coming at a higher price make it more effective. Well, as far as my experience with sump pump tells me, spending a few extra bucks on a sump pump will surely get a better and effective solution to the water accumulation problem in your basement. Let me tell you why.

Low price-Compromise on quality of components

When you opt for a low budget sump pump, you are actually getting components that do not qualify on the quality parameter. To lessen the price the manufacturer may have given substandard pipes resulting in frequent crack, the pump may burn out after a few days or may not be able to bear the long duration of flushing. Other moving components like impellers may also get jammed. So it is good to spend more on a quality product.


Difficult installation

A cheap sump pump may come with crucial but poor quality components like joints, fillers or filters. Such a compromise will make the whole installation process difficult. You have to get some components out the box to fill-up the missing or poor quality components. Such patching up of a sump pump will pose the incompatibility issues while installing. To know more about the product before buying it, I recommend

Failure lead to hardships

A low-quality sump pump will fail without any announcement or alert. If your home is in a zone which is prone to frequent thunderstorms or rain, then an unreliable sump pump will result in frequent blockages of the basin and its overflow. It will be a highly difficult situation as you will need to replace the sump pump in a very short duration. You also have to face the extra burden of cleaning the basement by some other traditional method of pumping out water.


Ruins flooring and furniture

Moisture or accumulated water in the basement because of unreliable sump pump will harm your flooring as well as the furniture along with a load of other things that you have kept in the basement for storage. To make sure you will not have that problem, my advice is to do what I did: read some sump pump reviews.

So, due to these disadvantages of using a low investment sump pump of unreliable quality, I would highly recommend a good quality basement waterproofing system. A quality sump pump generates trust and you can relax in any kind of weather your home may face. An initial high investment is better than the harassment you might face later.




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How to avoid speed traps

Posted by Tutie on

Last week I was travelling with my family for a long weekend trip to the lake. On the way, the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and I was lost in the view. Although I don’t belong to the category of rash drivers but, I do love driving fast. I didn’t realize when I pressed the accelerator and I crossed the speed limit. As I took a turn around I heard the beep of the traffic cops just behind my vehicle . I just visualised a traffic ticket which became a reality in no time.

Cursing myself for this absentmindedness, I was getting a good reprimand from my wife too.  I immediately made up my mind to buy a radar detector. Yes, you have heard it right. Yes, again, it’s legal to use a radar detector in my state. Not because I am a habitual rash driver. But yes if once in while I do have a heavy foot, I should know where I am going wrong before the forgetfulness causes a weight reduction of my wallet.



I heard about this device from a cousin of mine, who have been using a radar detector for many years now. The best advantage that appealed to me is its range and ability to detect the traffic radar signals. A driver knows about half a mile earlier that a speed trap has been approaching and slows down to save that hard earned money from landing in the federal pocket.

Most of the radar detectors that are available today read a whole range of frequencies so that you never miss the presence of even a single traffic trap. Moreover getting a traffic ticket can be quite a waste of time. You have to spend a lot of time in fighting the ticket and getting back your driving licence. And if the offence is repeated you may end up in cancellation of your driving licence. It can put you in a fix and you would definitely like to avoid it at any cost.

I will buy the best radar detector at the earliest, It does not mean that I will earn the right to break the traffic rules. I will obey them as honestly I have been doing. I don’t plan to use this gadget during my routine driving since I travel through a heavy traffic each day to my workplace, that automatically slows me down. This is just for those long weekend drives when I don’t want to ruin my weekdays fighting for the Traffic ticket.  I want my driving record clean from any violations.


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Why you should buy a quesadilla maker?

Posted by Tutie on

So you still make quesadillas in the usual traditional way? And it is tacky and time consuming, I know! So I suggest that it is high time for you to go out and finally buy a quesadilla maker. This appliance is a real wonder I tell you!

Do not assume that they are simply quesadilla makers (well yes they are but..) there is a lot more about their usefulness that you may have not realized yet but you will after you read this article.

They are really handy and extremely multipurpose. If you think they are just another kitchen gadget, that will stay on the shelf, with no frequent use, then surely, you are mistaken. You know why? Because –

  • They are not just quesadilla maker but a pizza maker as well and also serve as a sandwich maker. Yes, you can make a pizza or a sandwich in it in no time. All you need is the ingredients for the respective and your magic quesadilla maker.
  • They are easy to use and your kids or younger siblings will also learn to cook with a quesadilla maker in the kitchen. So, if you are too busy or tired, they may surprise you with tasty quesadillas in no time.
  • They are a good way to get your lazy hubby or beau on their feet and make you some delicious quesadillas. They cannot complain that they don’t know how to cook because it will be the quesadilla maker that will do all the cooking. All they need to do is monitor it, while you sit and relax in front of the TV.
  • Quesadilla makers are fast. If you are running out of time to make yourself breakfast before you are late for the office or if you have unannounced guests sitting in your house. You surely need to prepare a quick yet tasty meal, then quesadilla maker is your sole savior! It will do the work faster for you.
  • They save so much time. You are a busy person, I know. And it is sometimes annoying to spend a lot of minutes on even simple dishes such as quesadillas. Yes? A Quesadilla maker eliminates this issue by allowing you to cook faster and save your precious time for some other productive work or simply spending quality time with your family while not compromising on quality or nutrition of food.
  • You can do two things at a time. Just put everything inside the maker and switch it on, or set the timer to do your secondary daily chores while the quesadillas are getting ready. Cool right?


So are you still doubtful about the importance of a quesadilla maker in your kitchen? I am sure you aren’t!!


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How to use a fish finder for ice fishing?

Posted by Tutie on


Whether you are an avid fisherman or simply a hobby angler, fishing during the winter can be really tricky. With ice covering all over your favorite fishing spots, it becomes a real challenge to determine where to fish and where to not. Thanks to the science and technology that someone thought of inventing fish finders for helping us in such difficult situations. Fish finders are instruments that detect the location of fish and schools underwater, with the help of reflected pulses of sound energy, just like sonar (but they are not sonar) and help us perform easy ice fishing.

However, this machine is a bit fiddly to use in itself. It requires a sound knowledge and understanding of this instrument in order to use it rewardingly. Hence in this short article, I have laid out a few quick guidance tips to start with one such unit, for all you beginners. Read on.


The Arrangement

Setting up a fish finder for ice fishing is the first milestone after you have bought it and there are three steps in this –

  • Mounting the transducer: Mounting of the transducer depends on the type of the transducer you have. The most common one is Transom mount transducer. To mount a transom unit, you need to first find out the center of the boat where you want to affix the fish finder and then the transducer will go a little at the right.
  • Optimization: Set up the depth, range, and sensitivity of the instrument according to your location and requirements.
  • Additional settings: After optimization, modify the surface clarity, activate the noise canceling feature and adjust the color-line of the display according to your comfort and ease of monitoring.


After you have successfully installed your fish finder, you are ready to start reading it. Wait! Don’t you know how to read it? Chill, it’s easy; here is how to do it:

If your fish finder uses FishId, then you can simply identify a fish by looking at the icon that is set for a fish. This technique is useful for beginners and is easy but it is also a pretty less in accuracy because sometimes rocks and plants are also misinterpreted as fish.


If FishId is not available with your unit, then your fish finder will use arches to resemble fish. Each arch is one fish down there and the bigger the arch the bigger the fish.

So that’s it with fish finders. These tips are for beginning everything. You will learn more as you start using it.


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Types of yogurt from around the world

Posted by Tutie on


Yogurts are easy carbs and a great stomach filler in emergencies. They are also very multipurpose. They can serve as a dessert or even a drink and are used as an essential ingredient in myriad of dishes. Their usefulness is the reason why they are extremely popular all around the world. With a slight change in form and taste, yogurt is hugely utilized in all cultures. Just below you will find a list of several variants of yogurts that are consumed in different countries of the world.

  • In India as lassi, chhachh, matha and curd – Lassi is a popular sweet cold drink in Asian countries, especially in India, Pakistan and Nepal, made by churning together yogurt, ice and sugar. The curd is simply the yogurt that is eaten solely with the main course and sometimes sweetened to fit as a desert. Matha is salted yogurt drink which is actually the leftover yogurt after ghee and butter are extracted from it. It is a great digestive drink.
  • In Bulgaria as tarator – It is a cold soup made up of cucumber, garlic, dill, and sunflower oil added to yogurt.
  • In Japan as yakult – This world popular drink is a special bacterial (lactobacillus cesei shirota) yogurt that is very advantageous to human digestive system. The skimmed milk when added with the strands of this bacteria and sugar becomes the tasty yakult.
  • In Turkey as Ayran – Ayran is simply the yogurt diluted in water with some added salt or sugar that is a national drink in Turkey. Ayran has a lower shelf-life than other fermented milk products.
  • In Greece, Greek yogurt – Another popular yogurt type which is famous for its nutritional values. Greek yogurt is very rich in nutrition and protein with very low sugar making it highly recommended for weight loss. Greek yogurts are actually processed yogurts which are strained making all the whey components and some lactose drain away leaving behind an awfully tasty and healthy yogurt with very low fat.
  • In Africa as Amasi – Amasi is the yogurt made by clabbering raw milk in a container made from hide called calabash. It is a mild and cheesy flavored yogurt and is very popular among Africans.


So liked these? Try tasting them if they are available at shops and supermarkets in your area. You can also try making them on your own. Internet is full of their recipes, just try to browse!!

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How to buy a good carpet sweeper?

Posted by Tutie on

Carpets are an integral part of the interior decor adding luxury and style to your home. They are also the ones  rarely washed. So, they keep getting loaded with dust and debris for days and therefore slowly become home for invisible germs and allergens. We keep walking on them again and again, the dirt and germs get buried deeper and deeper day by day. Now, do I still need to explain why you require a thorough cleaning of your carpets every day?

The vacuum cleaner you generally use to clean your carpet is designed to clean hard floors. The carpets are made up of fibres, the vacuums fail to extract the minute dirt that gets trapped inside the thin fibres.

This makes the place of a carpet sweeper even more important in your army of cleaners.

I am sure that you realize the importance of this small gadget and have finally reached the decision of buying the best carpet sweeper for your home. Do read down all the points to remember while purchasing it.

Decide the model type first; whether you’d like a corded sweeper or a cordless one, depending on the kind of cleaning you generally do.


Go for the unit that promises high terms of runtime  (if cordless) and simplicity of operating it .



This is important as cleaning is an everyday chore and if the machine is not convenient, it might irritate you after some days.

Look for a compact design and lightweight unit, so that it is easy to lift, carry and store.

If convenience is your first priority, it is advised to choose a cordless sweeper. As they do not get entangled with wires, they offer free and comfortable movement.



When buying a carpet sweeper compare the power and capacity of various models together. The one with standard power motor will give deeper and thorough cleaning.

Also make sure that the dirt container is of substantial capacity and easy to empty.

Using all these tips and instructions, you can prudently make a perfect choice now, and get yourself equipped with a decent carpet sweeper.

Stay clean, Stay happy!