Types of yogurt from around the world

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Yogurts are easy carbs and a great stomach filler in emergencies. They are also very multipurpose. They can serve as a dessert or even a drink and are used as an essential ingredient in myriad of dishes. Their usefulness is the reason why they are extremely popular all around the world. With a slight change in form and taste, yogurt is hugely utilized in all cultures. Just below you will find a list of several variants of yogurts that are consumed in different countries of the world.

  • In India as lassi, chhachh, matha and curd – Lassi is a popular sweet cold drink in Asian countries, especially in India, Pakistan and Nepal, made by churning together yogurt, ice and sugar. The curd is simply the yogurt that is eaten solely with the main course and sometimes sweetened to fit as a desert. Matha is salted yogurt drink which is actually the leftover yogurt after ghee and butter are extracted from it. It is a great digestive drink.
  • In Bulgaria as tarator – It is a cold soup made up of cucumber, garlic, dill, and sunflower oil added to yogurt.
  • In Japan as yakult – This world popular drink is a special bacterial (lactobacillus cesei shirota) yogurt that is very advantageous to human digestive system. The skimmed milk when added with the strands of this bacteria and sugar becomes the tasty yakult.
  • In Turkey as Ayran – Ayran is simply the yogurt diluted in water with some added salt or sugar that is a national drink in Turkey. Ayran has a lower shelf-life than other fermented milk products.
  • In Greece, Greek yogurt – Another popular yogurt type which is famous for its nutritional values. Greek yogurt is very rich in nutrition and protein with very low sugar making it highly recommended for weight loss. Greek yogurts are actually processed yogurts which are strained making all the whey components and some lactose drain away leaving behind an awfully tasty and healthy yogurt with very low fat.
  • In Africa as Amasi – Amasi is the yogurt made by clabbering raw milk in a container made from hide called calabash. It is a mild and cheesy flavored yogurt and is very popular among Africans.


So liked these? Try tasting them if they are available at shops and supermarkets in your area. You can also try making them on your own. Internet is full of their recipes, just try to browse!!